We are still looking for more opinions on what the players want next season!!!

Go to the bottom of this page and click the "Post your opinion" link and tell us if you want to play 2 free rolls or give away the WSOP Seat!!! 

One of the changes that we made as of now for next season is the selected dates of each T.K.P.L. event. 

Many of our players also play at the Lowellville event on the first Friday of every month. With that $100 tournament and our $80 on Sundays, it is tough for some people to play in both. Because of that, the T.K.P.L. will do everything possible to not have a tournament on the same weekend as Lowellville! We will also no longer have more than 2 tournaments in any given month! This alone should make playing poker easier on everyone.

As for other changes, I made a short speech yesterday about possibly changing the structure of the T.K.P.L. and instead of sending one person to the WSOP at the end of the season, we could break the season up into two separate seasons and have 2 big free-rolls at the end of each session with approximately $6,000 in each jackpot! Some people liked the idea while others like the T.K.P.L. just the way it is where you don't have to play good all season long, but rather play good and get lucky on one night only!!!

 So what do you think? Do you play in the T.K.P.L. to have a shot at winning a seat to the World Series of Poker like Bob Guzman did this year? Would you rather break the league into two separate seasons and have two free-rolls? Or is there another idea that you have that you feel could get even more people to join us next season?

I have created a simple form below for (almost) everyone to express their opinions. Just click the "Post your opinion" link and submit your name and thoughts. I will post the feedback from our players as they come in!


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