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Tom Kat Poker League


 Just a reminder, the Blue Coats Tournament is NEXT SUNDAY, not this Sunday!!!


Here's the deal, anyone who donates any new or gently used Coats, Boots, Hats, Gloves or New Socks at the Youngstown Blue Coats Texas Hold'em Tournament on Dec 15th will be entered into a raffle and the winner will receive a FREE entry into the $80 tournament!!!

So please help us make this fun tournament into a opportunity to help those who need help the most this time of year! 



Next on the T.K.P.L. 

Event #9

Youngstown Blue Coats

When: Sunday, Dec 15th. Doors open at 10:00am for cash game. Tournament starts at 2:00 sharp.


Where: Hubbard Lions Club 124 North Main St. Hubbard OH


Details: $80 total buy in with add on. 

$8,500 in starting chips.

$5,000 in TKPL add on.

$500 bonus if you pre-register by Friday, Dec 13th.

$1,000 bonus if you pay in full by 1:45 on the day of the tournament. 

$10 add on at the first break for $5,000 in chips! 


Misc: Free food,drinks, 50-50 raffle, and more.



Please pre-register below. 

Your name here:

  1. Bob Giovanni
  2. Tony Balista
  3. Shoe
  4. Terry Lunder
  5. Sherry Batro
  6. Charlie Pizanias
  7. Yard
  8. The Miz
  9. Ron Haun Jr.
  10. Jack Womer
  11. Chuck D.
  12. Alton Crothers
  13. V.O.
  14. Dennis Scullion
  15. Steve Gearhart
  16. Jeff Greene
  17. Patty H.
  18. Johnny hold'em
  19. Max M.
  20. Tim Barr
  21. Adam Cole
  22. Dan Wick
  23. Tod N.
  24. Tommy D.
  25. Ryan Ashman
  26. Turtle Tom
  27. Tpony Flasco
  28. Tony Thomas
  29. Sean Cleary
  30. Jeff M.
  31. David Ray
  32. Chrissy W.
  33. Larry Rosen
  34. Zane Soffos
  35. Don Haas
  36. Freeman
  37. Tony Sabino
  38. Rocco Sabino 
  39. A.K.
  40. Pat Fidram
  41. Jim Brandon
  42. Mickey G.
  43. J.T. Myers
  44. Don Felice
  45. Dan Wick
  46. Bill Hart