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2nd Half Details Jan- April 2020

Tom Kat Poker League

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Tom Kat Poker will once againt be sending the winner of the Season 10 Grand Finale to play in the $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event.
How do you get to play in our Grand Finale??? Simple, just play in 6 or more of our 9 tournaments and you are in. That's it!
You don't have to play well at each event, in fact, you you can the first player eliminated in every tournament... just play in 6 or more and you will be entered into our Grand Finale which will take place on Sunday, Dec 27th! 
Keep reading below for all the details and we hope to see you at our Kick Off Tournament of the season on August 11th! 
To ger pre-registered for that event, click on the "Event 1 of 9" tab to the left and add your name at the bottom of the page. 



The 10th season of the Tom Kat Poker League starts in less than a month. 

The league has been divided up into two halves. The first half will be a 9 tournament schedule with 2 tournaments per month.  

The dates for this years events are as follows:

#1: August 11th

#2: August 25th

#3 September 15th

#4: September 22nd

#5: October 13th

#6: October 27th

#7: November 10th

#8: November 24th

#9: December 15th

Mid Way Grand Finale: December 29th


Each event will have a $20 starting add on for an additional $5,000 in starting chips which goes to the Grand Finale purse. 

There will only be 9 events in the season and to get a seat in the Mid Way Grand Finale, all you have to play in just 6 of the 9 tournaments.


(Event #6 on October 27th will be a double entry event to make getting 6 events in even easier.)


The winner of the Mid Way Grand Finale will win a paid entry into the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event!


I personally feel that the player who wins the seat deserves more for their time and efforts when they play in Las Vegas which is why I decided that the winner of our Mid Way Grand Finale will get to keep 90% of their winnings from the World Series of Poker Main Event!!!

The other 10% of any winnings from the WSOP will be divided up amongst the 9 other players who make the Mid Way Grand Finale Final Table and anyone who plays in every T.K.P.L. tournament.


The amount of starting chips at the Grand Finale will depend on the number of tournaments you attend and bonus chips are available for cashing and winning tournaments in the regular season.

(Our double entry event gives you the possibility of attending 10 events) 

Events        Starting chips

   6                 $2,000

   7                 $7,000 

   8                $13,000

   9                $20,000

  10               $28,000 

Everyone who cashes in a T.K.P.L. event will get $500 bonus chips at the Grand Finale.

Anyone who takes 2nd place alone get $1,500 in bonus chips.

Anyone who wins a tournament outright gets $3,000 in bonus chips.

(No chopping of any sort is permitted to get the full bonus chips) 


And finally, you are permitted to get someone to play for you up to 3 times this year and you can use ANYONE you want. 



We hope these changes make Season 10 of the Tom Kat Poker League even better.

I will be putting the finishing touches on the regular season schedule and will have every event posted soon.

 Tom Kat 




Season 10 update video!!!