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Tom Kat Poker League

The new season of Tom kat Poker got off to a huge bang with 74 players taking part in the Kick Off Classic!

Terry Lunder wanted me to thank everyone on her behalf for making this event as big as it was and we hope it continues for the remaining 8 tournaments!

As for the results, here are the final 7 who cashed tonight...

7th: Shawn Beck  ($500 G.F. bonus)

6th: Ron Haun Jr. ($500 G.F. bonus)

5th: Bill Bross ($500 G.F. bonus)

4th: Todd Newman ($500 G.F. bonus)

3rd: Chrissy Weezy ($500 G.F. bonus)

2nd: Bill Rogers ($1,500 G.F. bonus)

And the winner of the Kick Off Classic...

The MIZ!!! ($3,000 G.F. bonus!) 


Congratulations everyone!!! 

Our next event is on Sunday, August 25th.

The pre-registeration is already open for this tournament and we expect a lot of new players to take part in this event.

To get a $1,000 chip bonus, go to "Event #2" page and pre-register by Friday August 23rd!!!