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Event #13: The Granddaddy of them all....

The 17th annual Superbowl of Poker! 


The Superbowl of Poker is the only event on the T.K.P.L. that is worth TWO tournament entries and it has the lowest rake of any tournament in the area!!! 

This will be benefitting The Landing Zone.


When: Sunday, Jan 27th. Doors open at 10:00 for cash game raffle. The tournament starts at 2:00.


Where:  222 East Market St. Warren OH


Details: $90 total buy in w/ T.K.P.L. add on.

18.7% rake!!! 

18,000 starting chips

2,000 T.K.P.L. add on

1,000 bonus chips if you pay before 1:45 on the day of the tournament!

$21,000 total chips!!!!! 

25 minute blinds throughout the entire event!


Cash game: Doors open at 10:00 for the 1-2 no limit cash game. First hand has 20 cash game raffle splash pot.

Buy in before 10:30 and receive 5 raffle tickets every half hour.

Buy in after 10:30 and receives 1 ticket every half hour.

One ticket will be drawn at 1:30 and the winner gets aFREE entry into the Superbowl of Poker!!  

Name here:


  1. Jon Rose
  2. Bob Giovanni
  3. Jack Womer
  4. Ryan Ashman
  5. Tony Balista
  6. Turtle Tom
  7. Tony Sabino
  8. Rocco Sabino
  9. Alton Crothers
  10. Johny Holdem
  11. Sherry Barto
  12. Steve Gearhart
  13. Big Doug
  14. Lisa Burkhart
  15. Dan LaRocca
  16. Tod Newman
  17. Terry Lunder
  18. Freeman
  19. Dennis Scullion
  20. Dale Siciliano
  21. Tony Thomas
  22. Zane Soffos
  23. Kevin Barron
  24. J.T. Myers
  25. Vickie G.
  26. Joe Mudd
  27. Wayne Crump
  28. Jack Savage (Kathy Patrone)
  29. Margaret Davis (Nick L)
  30. Jeff Greene
  31. Keith Burke
  32. Joe Cramer
  33. Shawn Beck
  34. Bill Rogers
  35. Paul Zack
  36. Don Haas
  37. Bob Guzman
  38. Patty H.


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