2nd Half Details Jan- April 2020
Grand Finale Free Roll

Tom Kat Poker League
CONGRATS to Dave K. and A.K. for the 1st & 2nd chop in our 2/16/20 tournament!!! 

Event #4

The Leap Day Tournament

benefitting Mt. Carmel Society of Lowelville

When: Saturday, Feb 29th. Doors open at 10:00am for 1-2 no limit cash games. Tournament starts at 2:00pm.

Where: 102 Washington St. Lowellville OH 44436

Details: $80 total buy in ($70 = 10k in starting chips & $10 add on 5k in chips). 15k in starting chips (25% Rake)

 If you buy in by 1:45pm you will get an extra 1k in chips. 


We will be giving away one FREE entry to the tournament during our cash game raffle.

Earn 5 raffle tickets every half hour you play in the cash game if you start playing before 10:30am. 1 ticket per half hour if you start after 10:30am.

We will be throwing 20 raffle tickets into the first hand of the day at 10:00am.

Winning ticket will be drawn at 1:30 for a free entry into the tournament.


Misc: Free food and drinks during the tournament, 50/50 raffle, and more.


To Pre-register enter your name below.  It will be updated shortly. 

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  1. Tony Balista
  2. Rocco Sabino
  3. Tony Sabino
  4. Audra Horton
  5. Sean Cox
  6. Caroline Cox
  7. Ray Cox
  8. James Womer
  9. AK
  10. Alton Crothers
  11. Patty H.
  12. Lisa Burkhart
  13. Shoe
  14. Terry Lunder
  15. Chuck D.
  16. Turtle Tom
  17. Sherry Barto
  18. Zane Sofos
  19. V.O.
  20. Steve Gearhart
  21. Joe Badilia
  22. Freeman
  23. Ryan Ashman