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Season 9 players

Congrats to the winners from Angels for Animals 

8th- Terry Lunder

7th- Keith Burke

6th- Tammy Brown

5th- Audra Horton 

4th- Jason M.

3rd- Alton Crothers

1st & 2nd Chop - Jim Brandon and Bob Guzman 


Next up on the T.K.P.L.


Event #18: Rodef Brotherhood


When: Sunday, March 24th. doors open at 10:00am for cash game raffle. Tournament starts at 2:00!

Where: 1119 Elm St., Youngstown OH 44505

Details: $90 total buy in. Standard TKPL blinds. 25% rake.

Buy in before 1:45 to receive an extra $1,000 in chips.

$10 one time add on at the first break for $5,000 in chips!


Cash game: Starts at 10:00am. 


To pre-register for this event, type your name below and hit enter and we will update your names. 

Name here:

  1. Alton Crothers
  2. Tony Sabino
  3. Rocco Sabino
  4. Tod Newman
  5. Tony Balista
  6. JT Myers
  7. Wilkie
  8. Sherry Barto
  9. Ryan Ashman
  10. Patty H.
  11. Bob Guzman
  12. Tony Thomas
  13. Dale Siciliano
  14. Turtle Tom
  15. Steve Gearhart
  16. Wayne Crump
  17. Jack Womer
  18. Lisa Burkhart
  19. Johnny Hold’em
  20. Freeman
  21. Jack Savage
  22. Gergel
  23. Jim Nestor
  24. Jim Brandon
  25. Mark Fry
  26. Chuck D.
  27. Big Doug
  28. Turk
  29. Zane Sofos
  30. Sean Cox
  31. Caroline Cox
  32. Terry Lunder
  33. Don Felice

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