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The Starting Chips for the Grand Finale is finally updated. Please double check your stats!!!


T.K.P.L. Event #3



Struthers AmVet Tournament

When: Sunday, August 28th. Doors open at 11:00 for Cash Game Raffle*, tournament begins at 2:00!

Where: 305 Elm St. Struthers Ohio 44471  (Map below) 

Details: $70 buy in.  Only 25% rake.

Starting chips: $10,000

1 time $10 add on at first break for $5,000 in chips. 

20 minute blinds until first break. 25 minute blinds after. 


Misc: The Cash Game Raffle starts at 11:00am. Anyone who buys in before 11:30 will get 5 tickets per half hour of play.

Anyone who buys in after 11:30 will get 1 ticket per half hour.

The raffle will be drawn at 1:30 and the winner will receive a free entry into Event #3 tournament!!!

We will have FREE food and drinks, 50/50 raffle and more!!! 

A reminder, if you played with us last week for the first time, you will get a free strip of 50-50 tickets!!!!!

Also, the referral system is still going. So bring a new player and get $500 added to your stack at the Grand Finale and the new player will get a $10 rebate on their entry!!!


To reserve your seat for the T.K.P.L. event #3, please pre-register here: 


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  1. Storm
  2. Tony Balista
  3. Rocco Sabino
  4. Tony Sabino
  5. Steve Gearhart
  6. Wilkie
  7. Vickie
  8. Joe Mudd
  9. Turtle Tom
  10. Tom Haas
  11. Bob Giovonni* (Tom Haas)
  12. Roger Orlandi
  13. Dennis Scullion
  14. Sherry Barto
  15. Dan LaRocca
  16. River Ryan
  17. Jack Womer
  18. Larry Rosen
  19. Bill Hart
  20. Tod Newman
  21. Murph
  22. Gergel
  23. Ben T.
  24. Kathy Tepsic
  25. Patt
  26. John Doyle* (Dale Siciliano)
  27. William Smith* (Larry Norton)
  28. Ron Ziegler
  29. Sean Cox
  30. Caroline Cox
  31. Ray Cox
  32. Freeman
  33. Kaleigh M.
  34. Tommy D.
  35. Jim Nestor
  36. Roxanne Hill* (Tom Haas)

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