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The new season of the Tom Kat Poker League kicks off on August 5th 2018.

All the information for our first tournament of the season can be found below.


What is the Tom Kat Poker League?? 

It is league which consists of 18 tournaments stretched out over 9 months.

At the end of the season, we hold a GRAND FINALE tournament and once again, the winner of our Grand Finale in April will get $1,500 in cash and a paid entry into the 2019 World Series Of Poker $10,000 MAIN EVENT!!!


And how do you get into the GRAND FINALE you ask??? 

It's simple, just play in 10 or more of our 18 tournaments. 

That's it!!!

And what makes us different than other leagues that send a player to the WSOP? 


#1: No keeping track with a points system. 

With a point system, you can be mathematically eliminated from winning your league with 4 or more tournaments left to play but you have to continue playing.

So you have to be on your game every time and get lucky more often than not. 

I know of a few people who quit going because they have been eliminated which makes things hard on everyone else.

On the Tom Kat Poker League, you can be the first out EVERY week... it doesn't matter...just win the GRAND FINALE and your going to Las Vegas. 


#2: No large upfront entry fee.

Most leagues have upfront fees to enter that range from $100 to $500 before you even get dealt a card.

The Tom Kat Poker League has a upfront fee... of $10! Which also gets you $1,000 in bonus chips for the tournament. 


#3: No searching for replacements.

This past year alone, I have gotten over a dozen calls from people asking me or anyone I know to go play for them in their league because they can't make it.

If you don't find someone, you are responsible for the tournament money.

The Tom Kat Poker League doesn't have mandatory tournaments. Their are 18 of them, pick and choose which ones you can play. If you make 10 or more, your in the GRAND FINALE.

*We have added a new promotion this year. If you can't make a T.K.P.L. event, you are allowed to have a ONE TIME replacement during the season but it can only be a new player who did not play with us at all during last season. This not only helps you get credit for another tournament but also brings someone new to the league who may enjoy it and keep coming back.


#4: Referral Bonus

Bringing someone new into a league helps everyone, but bringing someone new to the T.K.P.L. helps YOU!

If you refer someone the Tom Kat Poker League and they play in 10 or more tournaments to make it in the GRAND FINALE, we will give you $3,000 in bonus chips for each new person! 

Make sure you let us know who you referred so we can give you credit.


#5: The best tournament director in the world!!!

Ok, maybe not the world or even in Ohio, and although anyone can run a poker tournament, ONLY Tom Kat brings the TRIPLE F attitude to it. FAIR, FRIENDLY, AND FUN!


We are spreading the word about our new season starting and we hope you do to. $3,000 in referral bonus chips is a nice bonus!

Click on the T.K.P.L. Rules tab to the left for all the details on the league!



2018 Kick Off Classic

Texas Hold'em Tournament 

When: Sunday, August 5th. Doors open at 10:00am for cash game raffle. Tournament starts at 2:00.


Where: St. Thomas Hall  4453 Warren Sharon Rd. Vienna OH  


Details: $80 total buy in. 25% rake. $10 rake free add on at first break for $5,000 in chips!!!

10,000 in total starting chips.  

Bonus $1,000 in chips if you pay before 1:45 on the day of the event.

Pre-register before August 3rd to be entered into our FREE $10 add on raffle.


Cash game raffle: Starts at 10:00am and the drawing is at 1:30. The winner gets a paid entry into the Texas Hold'em Tournament.

Buy in the cash game and play before 10:30 and receive 5 tickets every half you play. 

Buy in after 10:30 and receive 1 ticket every half hour you play. 

20 ticket splash pot on the first hand of the day!!!


Misc: Free food and drinks, 50-50 raffle, and more!!! 


To pre-register, submit your name below and we will add you to the list.

Name here:

  1. Dan LaRocca
  2. Jack womer
  3. Gergel
  4. Johnny Hold'em
  5. Terry Lunder
  6. Tony Thomas
  7. Tod Newman
  8. Tony Balista
  9. Big Doug
  10. Ben T.
  11. River Ryan 4.0
  12. Chris Rico
  13. Lisa Burkhart
  14. Baker
  15. Jim Holcomb
  16. Dale Siciliano
  17. Tony Sabino
  18. Rocco Sabino
  19. Vickie G.
  20. Dump Truck
  21. Turk
  22. Bob Guzman
  23. Tommy D.
  24. LaMarcus Moore
  25. Patty Holecko
  26. Freeman
  27. Marc Becker
  28. Turtle Tom
  29. Season 9 T.K.P.L. Champion Ryan Ashman
  30. Rick Suarez
  31. Jack Savage
  32. Bill Rogers
  33. Joe Cramer
  34. Brian LaRosa
  35. Thomas Jones
  36. Marcus Donnadio
  37. V.O.
  38. Wilkie
  39. Tony D.
  40. Anthony Donnadio
  41. Ron Haun Jr.
  42. Shawen Rainey
  43. Ra Biggs
  44. Marcus Lottery
  45. Tony Biggs
  46. Don Felice

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