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Our annual Toy Drive Raffle is on again this year!

We collect new toys this time of year and hand them out to family's with children that are in need to help brighten up there Christmas Morning.

Anyone who brings a new toy to the Angels for Animals tournament will have their name entered into the drawing.

We will pull a name at the start of the tournament and that person will win a FREE ENTRY into Event #9 Blue coats tournament on Dec 15th!!! 

Please help make this annual event another HUGE success! 

Next on the T.K.P.L. 

Event #8

Angels for Animals 

When: Sunday, Nov 24th. Doors open at 10:00am for cash game. Tournament starts at 1:00 sharp.


Where: Angels for Animals Hall. 4750 West South Range Road. Canfield OH 44406 


Details: $80 buy in with $20 add on.

$8,500 in starting chips. Add on is for $5,000 chip and TKPL credit.

25% rake. No rebuys! 


Misc: Free food, cash bar, two TV's for the big games!

Any questions call Sean and Caroline at 330-501-3885  


Please pre-register below. 

Your name here:

  1. Tony Balista
  2. Terry Lunder
  3. Max M.
  4. Micky Grubbs
  5. Tim Barr
  6. Chuck D.
  7. Jeff Greene
  8. Alton Crothers
  9. Ryan Ashman
  10. The Miz
  11. Tony Thomas
  12. Shoe
  13. Bob Giovanni
  14. Turk
  15. Paul Simon
  16. Jack Womer
  17. Tod Newman
  18. Patty Holecko
  19. Mike Milhoan
  20. David Ray
  21. Zane Soffos
  22. Dan Wick
  23. Guz
  24. Chrissy W.
  25. Sherry Barto
  26. Sean Cleary
  27. Eric Cameron
  28. Dave Curry
  29. Alec Highman
  30. Marty H.
  31. Freeman
  32. Keith Burke
  33. Sean Cox
  34. Ray Cox
  35. Billy Hart
  36. Don Haas
  37. Dave Smith
  38. Terry Boatright
  39. Dennis Scullion
  40. Ronny C.
  41. Rocco Sabino
  42. Tony Sabino
  43. Larry Rosen
  44. Donald Bergmeyer
  45. Bryan D.
  46. Yard
  47. Jim Brandon 
  48. Jim Nestor 
  49. Tony Flasco
  50. Marvin Kelly
  51. Wendy
  52. David A.