2nd Half T.K.P.L. Details

2nd Half Details Jan- April 2020
Grand Finale Free Roll
Event #6 Hubbard Little Eagles


  • There will be 7 tournaments and an end of the season free roll. See tentative schedule below
  • A $10 add on (worth 5k in chips) purchased during buy in will go toward the free roll.
  • You must play in 5 out of 7 tournaments to qualify for the free roll.  There will be one tournament worth double participation.
  • You can have a sub play for you, just let us know at or before the buy in is paid for.
  • Chips can be earned for the free roll based by:
    • Amount of tournaments played in 
      • 5 tournaments = 5k in chips
      • 6 tournaments = 10k in chips
      • 7 tournaments = 15k in chips
      • 8 out of 7 tournaments = 25k in chips
    • Cashing in tournaments:
      • 1st place = 5k in chips
      • 2nd place = 2.5k in chips
      • All other cashes = 1k in chips
      • 1st & 2nd chop = 2.5k in chips
      • All other chops = 1k in chips
    • Bounty Tournament:
      • Each bounty chip will be worth a cash value at the tournament as well as 500 in free roll chips
    • Double Participation Tournament:
      • All cashes during this tournament will also be worth double the amount of free roll chips 
    • The Final Table at the Free Roll will be 10 players and all 10 players will be paid. 



Tentative 2nd Half T.K.P.L. Schedule:


1/11/2020: Event #1 Italian American Club (Saturday)

2/1/2020: Event #2 Deepstack Tournament @ Salem Eagles (Saturday)

2/16/2020: Event #3 Rebuy & Worth Double - St. Thomas the Apostle Church

2/29/20:    Event #4: Mt. Carmel Society 

3/15/2020: Event #5 Angels for Animals

3/29/2020: Event #6 Hubbard Little Eagles Athletics 

4/19/2020: Event #7 Bounty Tournament- Youngstown Amvets

4/26/2020: Free Roll!!