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2nd Half Details Jan- April 2020
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We are still working out all the details for the 2nd half of the T.K.P.L. season.  The schedule below is tentative, but we thought we would share what we have so far. 


  • There will be 7 tournaments and an end of the season free roll. See tentative schedule below
  • A $10 add on (worth 5k in chips) purchased during buy in will go toward the free roll.
  • You must play in 5 out of 7 tournaments to qualify for the free roll.  There will be one tournament worth double participation.
  • Chips can be earned for the free roll based by:
    • Amount of tournaments played in 
      • 5 tournaments = 5k in chips
      • 6 tournaments = 10k in chips
      • 7 tournaments = 15k in chips
      • 8 out of 7 tournaments = 25k in chips
    • Cashing in tournaments:
      • 1st place = 5k in chips
      • 2nd place = 2.5k in chips
      • All other cashes = 1k in chips
      • 1st & 2nd chop = 2.5k in chips
      • All other chops = 1k in chips
    • Bounty Tournament:
      • Each bounty chip will be worth a cash value at the tournament as well as 500 in free roll chips
    • Double Participation Tournament:
      • All cashes during this tournament will also be worth double the amount of free roll chips 



Tentative 2nd Half T.K.P.L. Schedule:


1/11/2020: Event #1 Italian American Club (Saturday)

2/1/2020: Event #2 Deepstack Tournament @ Salem Eagles (Saturday)

2/16/2020: Event #3 Rebuy & Worth Double - St. Thomas the Apostle Church

3/1/2020: Event #4  

3/15/2020: Event #5 Angels for Animals

3/29/2020: Event #6

4/19/2020: Event #7 Bounty Tournament- Youngstown Amvets

4/26/2020: Free Roll!!