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T.K.P.L. Rules
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Welcome to Season 10


Last season was a big success with 59 players taking part in 10 or more TKPL events throughout the season.

As with every year, we have made a couple changes to try to make the league bigger and better than the year before!


Here are the League rules for the upcoming season.


The Tom Kat Poker League consists of 18 tournaments starting in August at Kick Off Classic in Vienna and ending in March at the Youngstown J.C.C.


Each tournament will be posted and advertised as soon as all the details are available along with pre-registeration.


Tournament buy ins can vary from $70 to $100 and may also include rebuys, add on's knock out chips, ect....


Every tournament will have an optional $10 add on at the start of the tournament for $1,000 in chips or more.


That $10 add on money will go into the T.K.P.L. Purse and will be paid out 100% at the Grand Finale at the end of the season.


The winner of the GRAND FINALE will receive an all expense paid entry and represent the Tom Kat Poker League in the 2018 W.S.O.P. and receive 60% of any cashing in the MAIN EVENT!!!

The remaining 40% will be divided equaly amongs all those who play in 15 or more T.K.P.L. events during the regular season OR finish in the finale 15 or better at the Grand Finale. (and NO, if you played in 15 and finish in the top 15 of the Grand Finale you don't get 2 shares of the 40%!!!)



How to get into the Grand Finale: 


To qualify for the Grand Finale, you must participate in a minimum of 10 tournaments and do the $10 TKPL Add On.

Like last year, The Annual Superbowl Of Poker which will be held on Sunday, Jan 27th will be worth (2) entries!

Everyone is permitted to have a 1 time replacement during the season but it must be a new player who did not play on the T.K.P.L. last year or this this year. 

If you play in 10-11 tournaments, you will have a seat at the Grand Finale with a starting chip count of the minimum $2,000.

If you play in 12 tournaments,  you will start to earn more starting chips in the Grand Finale. Below is the starting chip chart.

10 - 11 tournaments : $2,000 starting chips.

12 tournaments: $6,000

13 tournaments: $10,000

14 tournaments: $14,000

15 tournaments: $18,000

16 tournaments: $22,000

17 tournaments: $26,000

18 tournaments: $30,000

19 tournaments: $34,000


You can also earn more chips for the Grand Finale if you qualify by cashing in the tournaments during the regular season as follows :

1st place in a tournament : $3,000 in bonus chips.

2nd place in a tournament : $1,500 in bonus chips.

Anyone else who cashes (excluding bubbles): $500 bonus chips.

1st and 2nd chop: $1,500 in bonus chips.

3 way chop or bigger with only people in the money : $500 bonus chips.

Chopping outside of the payouts (paying 6 spots but chopping 7 ways) : No bonus 


There will also be a 1 time $20 add on option for the Grand Finale for $5,000 in chips. The add on is rake free and will be added to the Grand Finale Pot.

This year we will once again have a player referral bonus:

   If you bring a player who did not play with us last year, AND the new player qualifies for the Grand Finale, you will receive $3,000 in bonus chips at the Grand Finale!

  All player referrals MUST notify the staff working at the registration table so it can be recorded.

This year we will also be detering any unacceptible behavior at all T.K.P.L. Events


  Lewd comments and behavior like berating a player will not be tolerated. We are asking any player who is verbally abused during the tournament to inform the charity and TKPL Staff.

  The player will be given 1 warning. If the behavior continues, the player will be issued a 1 round penalty.