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The tournament that started it all...


16 years ago, we held our first Major tournament of the year and dubbed it "The Super Bowl Of Poker"!

This event has always been the "All Star Event" of our poker league and just a reminder, this is the only DOUBLE CREDIT tournament on the schedule so if you play in this tournament, you will get credit for 2 tournaments!


We will be kicking things off with opening the doors at 10:00 for the Super Bowl of Poker Cash Game Raffle!

Every half hour, anyone playing in the cash game will receive raffle tickets.

Buy in before 10:30 and receive 5 tickets every half hour you play.

Buy in after 10:30 and receive 1 ticket every half hour you play.

The first hand of the day will have a 20 ticket splash pot!!!

Every half hour after that will have a 5 ticket splash pot!!! 

The raffle will be drawn at 1:00 and the winner gets a FREE entry into the $90 Super Bowl of Poker!!! 

When: Sunday, Jan 28th  Doors open at 10:00am for Cash game Raffle. Tournament starts at 2:00!

Where: Struthers AmVets  305 Elm St. Struthers OH 44471

Buy in: $90 total buy in. (TKPL add on included) No Rebuys. 18.7% RAKE!!!

Details:  20,000 starting chips with TKPL add on. 

$500 bonus chips if you pre-register by Jan 21st!

Misc: Free food and drinks!!!! 50-50 raffle, cash bar and more!!! 

To pre-register, type your name in the box below and we will add you to our list. 


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  1. Tom Horton
  2. Steve Gearhart
  3. Ryan Ashman
  4. Dale Siciliano
  5. Jack Womer
  6. Brian LaRosa
  7. Tony Thomas
  8. Dan LaRocca
  9. Lisa Burkhart
  10. Ben T.
  11. Tony Balista
  12. Gerg