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Hubbard Boys Golf

Texas Hold'em Tournament

When: Sunday, OCT 29th 2017  Doors open at 11:00 for cash game raffle, TOURNAMENT starts at 2:00.


Where: Hubbard Lions Club  124 North Main St. Hubbard OH


Details: $70 total buy in. 25% rake. No rebuys.

$10,000 total in starting chips with 25 minute blinds.

Paying out cash to the final 10% of the field. 

$10 add on at the first break for an extra $5,000 in chips!!! 


Misc: As always, great food and drinks available to all players... NFL action on TWO TV's.... 50-50 raffle....and more!!!!


To pre-register for this great event, submit your name below and we will add you to our list and as a thank you, we will give you an extra $500 in chips!!!

Your name here!

  1. Tony Balista
  2. Jack Womer
  3. Ron Thurman
  4. Wilkie
  5. Dennis Scullion
  6. Tom Bacon
  7. Chris Rico
  8. Bill Hart
  9. Steve G.
  10. Turtle Tom
  11. V.O.
  12. Patrick F.