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Referral Exempt List

Want to earn an easy $2,000 in bonus chips at the Grand Finale?


Just spread the word about the new season of TKPL starting on August 11th.

If you refer someone who didn't play in the Grand Finale last season but qualifies for the Grand Finale this season, you get $2,000 in bonus chips.

Here is the list of players who qualified for last seasons Grand Finale and are exempt from being referred...

Alton Crothers
Big Doug
Bill Hart
Bob Giovanni
Bob Guzman
Bob Murphy
Caroline Cox
Chuck D.
Chuck Zander
Coach G.
Dale Siciliano
David Ray
Dennis Scullion
Don Felice
Don Haas
J.T. Myers
Jack Savage
Jack Womer
Jeff Dotson
Jeff Greene
Jim Brandon
Jim Nestor
Joe Mudd
Joe Z.
Johnny Hold'em
Keith Burke
Lisa Burkhart
Margret Davis
Marty H.
Patty H.
Rocco Sabino
Ron Haun Jr.
Ryan Ashman
Sean Cox
Sherry Barto
Steve Gearhart
Terry Lunder
Tim Loudin
Tod Newman
Tommy D.
Tony Balista
Tony Flasco
Tony Sabino
Tony Thomas
Turtle Tom
Vickie G.
Wayne Crump
Zane Soffos