This season of the Tom Kat Poker League has been the smoothest season in the history of the league.

The Grand Finale was no exception. EVERYONE showed up almost on time which makes it easier on us...

We lost 15 players from last years 54 player inaugural Grand Finale BUT we gained 20 NEW players this year for a total of 59 players and we hope that trend continues for Season 10!!!

As for this years Grand Finale...

Butch Liggett had the largest starting stack in the history of the T.K.P.L. with $42,000!!!!

Tommy D. has the smallest starting stack with $7,000!

We came up with a fun idea of creating a Queen of Hearts Board and every player who didn't finish in the money would take a card when eliminated. Every card had a prize that can be used next season ranging from Two Times Cash Game Raffle tickets, a Free POY add On, A Free First Break add on, a Free Rebuy in our Rebuy event, Keep your bounty in our Bounty event, and a Free entry into the Kick Off Classic!!! We hope to see most of those certificates turned in next year!

The final 16 players went out in the following order along with how many tournaments they played in this season:

16th: Tim Loudon (12)

15th: Jeff M. (15)

14th: Sherry Barto (18)

13th: Tony Sabino (19)

12th: Dennis Scullion (16)

11th: Alton Crothers (14)

10th: J.T. Myers (16)

9th: Jim Brandon (16)

8th: Tony Flasco (16)

7th: Patty Holecko (17)

6th: Ben T. (19)

5th: Bob Guzman (18)

4th: Tony Thomas (17)

3rd: Jim Nestor (17)

2nd: Terry Lunder (17)

Season 9 Grand Finale Champion: Ryan Ashman (15)


I know coming from me it may sound bias, but I still believe that the easiest and best possible chance any "NON PRO" poker player in North East Ohio has to playing in the World Series Of Poker Main Event WITH $1,500 included for travel expenses is by playing in the Tom Kat Poker League.

I am by no means putting down any other leagues around because I am good friends with many of the people who run them, support them, and play in them... 

Ryan Ashman is a good player, but he did not cash one time in the 14 tournaments he played in this season. That happens a lot in poker because you need a few things to go your way in a tournament to win the whole thing no matter how good you are.

But he won the ONLY event that mattered... The Grand Finale!!!!

He also didn't play in EVERY event and he didn't have to call around looking for someone to subsitute for him!!!

I try to relay that message on to as many people who play poker in our area that WE DO NOT KEEP TRACK OF POINTS ANY MORE! I can't tell you how many times I get told they wont play in the T.K.P.L. because they can't play in them all and get enough points to play in the Grand Finale.

When I explain that all you have to do is get credit for playing in just 10 tournaments and you lock up your seat, the look on their faces is priceless. 

We have evolved over the last few seasons and I wouldn't be surprized to see other leagues follow suit in the near future. 


So now, Ryan Ashman will be playing in the $10,000 Main Event at the World Series of Poker this summer. He will get to keep 60% of any winnings he gets in that event. I know a lot of leagues cut it down the middle but I feel that the person doing all the playing should get more for doing all the work!

The other 40% will be split amongs everyone who finished in the finale 16 of the Grand Finale and those who played in 15 tournaments or more this year. Those 34 people are:

Butch Liggett
Tony Sabino
Ben T.
Tony Balista
Chrissy Weazy
Jack Womer
Rocco Sabino
Jeff Greene
Vickie G.
Steve Gearhart
Bob Guzman
Sherry Barto
Terry Lunder
Tony Thomas
Dale Sicilianio
Joe Mudd
Jim Nestor
Don Haas
Patty Holecko
Jim Brandon
Dennis Scullion
Tony Flasco
J.T. Myers
Paul Simon
Tod Newman
Don Felice 
Jeff M.

Tim Loudon  AltonCrothers



We are already starting to put together Season 10 of the Tom Kat Poker League.

We will also be doing the referral program again next year which will get you even more chips at the next Grand Finale so make sure you tell anyone who likes to play poker about our league.

Please come back to this web site for more info throughout the summer as we will be passing along any and all info along with progress of Ryan Ashman's attempt to take down the 2018 W.S.O.P.


Enjoy your summer and we hope to see you back in the fall!!!


 Maria, Audra, Tom and Tom 


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